went on my old myspace and found a blog titled 137 facts about me

dated 26th january 2006 so i narrowed it down to the 93 i was happy with

these are 99% useless

1. I was born in Wales, but I am immune to sheep jokes
2. I’m a very messy person at home, but everywhere else I’m a neat freak
3. I always get dead legs
4. I have an older brother, who looks like Santa
5. I sleep at stupid times
6. Whenever I tell someone my real name, they always say ‘awhhh’ or ‘what a nice name’
7. I have very small hands and feet
8. I have like 32329832 accounts on 3849028 different websites but I don’t know the passwords or usernames
9. The Sims 3 is my ultimate favourite game on the pc
10. I have a freckle on my lip
11. I have tried to play dot to dot with my freckles, but there’s way too many
12. I try to name all the 50 states in America but I just can’t do it
13. I complain a lot and I don’t know why
14. Oakey Doke was my all time favourite kid’s programme along with The Clangers, The Moomins, Wacky Racers and Banana’s In Pyjamas
15. I’m 5’5
16. I have many nicknames including my favourite Cait and my least favourite Hayley
17. I love going out to restaurants on holiday and pointing out spelling mistakes on the menu
18. I can’t keep eye contact for very long yet I don’t like it when people do the same to me
19. I’m not in the slighest bit vain
20. I can be very ‘bouncy’
21. I do not like orange people, they seem to swarm in groups, like some type of cult
22. I don’t like moving ornaments e.g. singing/dancing Christmas trees, they’re creepy
23. I have really long eyelashes
24. I hate all vegetables
25. I get really frustrated on Bop It
26. I’m easily frustrated
27. I especially don’t like Bop It Extreme, I may as well spontaneously combust
28. I hardly ever have baths, I don’t like seeing how my skin will look in 50 years
29. I get random surges of energy and excitement
30. I hate people who use the word random in the wrong context
31. When I get my energy surges, I dance in front of mirrors
32. I love koalas, they’re the most strangely cute animals on the planet
33. I hate one person putting in all the effort, I will never ignore anyone
34. To me, my face always looks ‘a mess’
35. When I was younger I wanted to grow up and become a Barbie doll. I also used to believe I was a dog.
36. I leave everything to the last minute
37. I’m either really early or really late
38. I trust google too much
39. I’m very honest about myself
40. I love cute texts, although I rarely get them
41. I’m not really shy but I’m not all up in your face
42. I’m a Pisces
43. I use :3 way too much
44. I seem to always refer to myself as Jekyll and Hyde, I honestly don’t know why. It kinda freaks me out
45. I am a dreamer
46. I believe everything happens for a reason
47. I wish chavs would just take their hands from out of their pants, there’s clearly nothing there
48. I never learnt my times tables properly
49. My French teacher put me on her lap and swung me like a baby. She is French and she is a little crazy.
50. I love seeing people arguing in public
51. I hate the statue people, it’s basically mocking me for my hated of moving ornaments
52. I was told the day, month and year I was going to die
53. I don’t think before I open my mouth
54. I’m really surprised I got this far
55. I’m extremely ticklish
56. I attract elderly people, they always want to talk to me
57. A smack head once told me that ‘he would ride me like a blimp’. I was very confused by this statement
58. My first ever celebrity crush was on Ricky Martin
59. I can not ‘run for a toffee’, yes just the one toffee…
60. I hate not having album art on my songs
61. My mum wanted to call me Tilda Lily Hagan (as compared to my actual name Caitlin Lily Hagan). If she did, my nickname would be Tilly Lily
62. My house has been robbed 3 times, all around 3am and all when I was awake
63. I believe 3am is the devil’s hour.
64. I used to believe I was Tarzan and I could climb trees with my feet
65. I don’t believe Gok Wan is gay. Just a huge pervert
66. I never liked the princesses in Disney, I liked the boys and when ever I played a game involving Disney characters, I was always Simba
67. I seem to attract religious people, who sing everything they say
68. I know that the word ‘Hello’ was invited by Thomas Edison
69. This is my favourite number and it follows me
70. I remember when I was 8 and I was in year 5 and everyone was saying that the 9/11 attacks were caused by the Welsh because we had no idea about any of it.
71. I’m a pescatarian
72. I fall for the wrong people
73. I drink a lot of coffee
74. I have extremely weird dreams, and I mean extremely weird
75. I dream every single night and always remember them when I wake up
76. I want and will learn German
77. I get excited when I listen to songs I haven’t heard in ages
78. I hate the Saw films
79. My room is messy 24/5
80. I keep little things from my days out in my memories box
81. I get really shy around people when i haven’t seen them in a long time, even if they are my best friends
82. i h8 it wen ppl typ lyk dis, it makes me want to hurt you although I will do it to take the piss
83. German karaoke taught me how to say ‘sensual seduction’ in German
84. I’m scared yet excited by the future
85. I think about ‘what ifs’ way too much and my conscience always gets in the way
86. I touch my ears a lot
87. I don’t wear my triad necklace as much as I want to ‘cause I’m scared to lose it
88. I pull too many weird faces and make so many weird noises
89. I think Jared Leto is such a babe
90. Genuine people win my heart, not that there’s competition
91. I love more things than I hate things, contrary to popular belief
92. I play video games, paint and draw for fun
93. was the year I was born

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